Who am I?

I love what I do

I started making websites back when Netscape was the best browser you could find, and a cell phone with internet on it was over a decade away. I taught myself to program growing up, and by the time I was 16, I left high school to go to college.

After six months, I was recruited to an interactive agency, and have been working at some amazing studios all around the country since.

Currently, my specialty is UX Design & Front-End Development.

Over the last many years, I have been studying Engineering, Physics & Aeronautics, among many other important subjects. I like to build gizmos, laser cut art, 3D print and make art.

I am a single-father of an amazing 8 year old boy, who happened to be born on my birthday.

I produce electronic music, and have performed all over the country, including many amazing festivals like Burning Man, Earthdance & more.

Work History

Sonic Payments

Director of User Experience

While working with Sonic Payments, my role was to oversee the design & development the front-end of a complex payment processing system.


Lead Developer

Heading up the development department of the Santa Cruz HZDG office, I worked with a huge team of Art Directors, Designers & Project Managers to design & build out many high profile web experiences.

I also built a prototype of an internal project management software system for the agency to use.


Senior Developer

At 7/Apps, I worked remotely, with a small team of designers & developers, to create many beautiful websites.


Lead R&D Developer

Working at Microsoft was quite an experience. I quickly found my niche, coming up with new ways for their Global Creative Services group to advertise extremely high-profile clients all over the world.

My work received multiple patents, and was built into re-useable advertising systems, which allowed new clients to use highly creative platforms easily.

Hacker Agency


The Hacker Agency is an interactive arm of the advertising giant Interpublic Group. Working here, I designed & developed websites, web advertisements & iOS apps.


Designer / Developer

With PINT, I got to design & develop some amazing projects, including some for the San Diego Chargers, Kyocera, and Viewsonic.


Sound Design